Elke Blase

Born in Steinhude am Meer near Hanover, she began to practice classic physiotherapy (manual therapy, neuro- physiological techniques); first in a clinic and then since 1993 in her own bussiness. Working on the jaw joint has always been a fascinating area for her.

In 2008 her life took her to Leipzig, the city of music and culture. She now works in a network with colleagues such as dentists, orthopaedists, ENT doctors and singing teachers. Through the focus of her work on jaw joints with holistic aspects, she specialized in singers. Common concepts were developed in connection with posture – breathing – singing/music.

She now gives lectures and courses on this subject in the field of musicians‘ medicine at the Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy Music Academy in Leipzig.

A large proportion of her patients are musicians and singers, both working and studying; and so she will take part of the lesson when structures have to be solved that prevent the implementation of new techniques.

Her most important training courses:
Manual therapy (Maitland, medical seminar Hamm/Boppard)
Applied Kinesiology
Craniosacral Therapy
Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
Injury recall technique